The Struggles Of Kayak Fishing

I think most kayak anglers can relate to a few of these

A great video showcasing the struggles that kayak anglers face. Everything from classic kayak turtling to faulty hooksets that send lures flying at your head. Better duck quickly.

My personal favorite is the series of shots showing the times your lure is dangling in the water, you put the rod down to get a few paddle strokes in and BAM, fish is on. Hopefully you have quick reaction time like this guy did.

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Other video highlights include seaweed hangups on your paddles and the crazy birds nests you can get yourself into on your yak. It is amazing all the different encounters you can have with animals while kayak fishing.

While this video provides eight minutes of comedy, it is important to remember to always wear your PFD and to dress for immersion when the temperatures call for it.

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Sit back and enjoy.



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