Best Fishing Kayak Paddles

Fishing kayak paddles are some of the toughest gear on Earth.

At once strong enough to cram into a rock or push off a dock with the performance to move a heavy fishing kayak quickly and efficiently.

The latest generation of paddles is purpose built to take the abuse come out shining.

Accent, Backwater, Wilderness Systems and Bending Branches are ahead of the game with paddles that perform well and look great.

Take a look at the list below.

Accent Paddles Crank Bait

Price: $315

The Crank Bait is a first for fishermen wanting to take it to the next level. The Crank Bait is a carbon foam core kayak paddle that looks and performs like no other.

With the Advantage Grip Technology, paddlers receive all the benefits of bent shaft technology to keep you on the water longer. With ABS edge protection and full blade graphics, you will be the talk on the water.

[ Learn more about Accent Paddles ]


Backwater Paddle’s Assault Hand Paddle

Price: $29.95

The Assault Hand Paddle is lightweight and compact, designed for single-handed use. Patented hook-and-teeth blade design provides unmatched versatiltiy on the water. Hook for grabbing, snatching and pulling, teeth for shoving and pushing. Raised blade graphics. OD Green for stealth and Hi-vis Orange for safety. 100-percent guaranteed.


Backwater Paddle’s Assassin Kayak Paddle

Price: $159

The Assassin Kayak Paddle is designed for the paddle sportsman requiring the utmost in stealth and mobility. The patented hook-and-teeth blade design delivers one of the most versatile paddles ever manufactured. The hook provides for grabbing, snatching, pulling and the teeth provide positive purchase when shoving or pushing. Adjustable carbon fiber shaft. Raised blade graphics. 100% guaranteed.


Bending Branches Angler Pro in GlowTek

Price: $299.95

The six-time Angler Paddle of the Year, Bending Branches Angler Pro now comes in a shiny new color with the Glowtek pattern. Designed by the ProStaff fishing team, Glowtek offers the visibility anglers desire with the performance they need. Anglers buy Bending Branches’ paddles because they know and trust the reliability, but are always delightfully surprised by the effortless weight. Now available in 270- and 280-centimeter sizes.

Carlisle Magic Angler

Price: $79.99

The Magic Angler’s powerful blade, durable shaft. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades provide a slightly stiffer yet efficient stroke that is further supported by an aluminum shaft.

For paddlers that need a bit more strength and durability from their paddle, the Magic is the recreational paddle of choice.



Wilderness Systems Tarpon Glass Paddle

Price: $289.99

Introducing the Tarpon paddle—the optimal propulsion for the new Wilderness Systems Tarpon series kayaks.

The Tarpon blade features an optimized shape that provides the ideal angle of entry into the water, a large 640-centimeter-square power face for responsive boat control, and an asymmetric dihedral for smooth, efficient, flutter-free strokes.


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