Photo By: Kayak Angler
The new Bending Branches angler lineup.

I’ve been using a carbon fiber Bending Branches paddle for the past six years. It’s scratched and the lettering has worn off but the paddle still goes like a bandit. I love that paddle, but I think I found a new baby.

Bending Branches has been working on improving the Angler Pro for the past year. The changes are barely noticeable to the eye, but immediately evident on the water. In addition to cool new color patterns on the fiberglass blades, they’ve redesigned the blade shape to be more efficient and lighter. A closer look reveals a more rounded but shorter high-angle blade.

The front side has a raised rib that reduces flutter. On the backside, the reduced core profile saves weight. The whole blade has been reinforced for stiffness and toughness.

The Fiberglass model comes in at 28 ounce and the carbon fiber blade and shaft version is only 24 ounces. While the changes in the blade may seem minor, the folks at Bending Branches sweated over the details for months to save you from sweating on the water. The more I ran my fingers over the blade details the more excited I am to get the new Pro Angler on the water. This is the last paddle you will ever have to buy.


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