The engineers and experts at Bending Branches have been busy the past year. They’ve redesigned their Angler line and reduced the price on other kayak paddles for one of the best values on the water.

Marketing Supervisor Andrew Stern takes us on a tour of the new sticks pointing out where they were able to shave ounces from their paddles while adding features.

A complete redesign of the Angler blade makes the paddle more efficient and stronger. He confided that they tested the new design against other BB blades and their competitor’s paddles to make the new design the best at pushing water with least resistance.

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The Angler blades also got a makeover with cool new patterns from high-vis dorado to butterfly inspired Radiant and sinister looking Raptor while cutting two ounces.

They added a carbon fiber Angler blade to the line that comes in at just 25 ounces. They also redesigned and revamped the Classic and Ace dropping the price and improving performance for the best paddle at any price point.

Bending Branches could have rested on their reputation for great products but they’ve worked feverishly to improve their paddles to improve your paddling experience.


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