First Look: Texas Power Paddle

All the freedom and fun of kayaking with the confidence of a small motor when you need it

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Winning the award for out-of-the-box design, Texas Power Paddle offers one of the most unique and ingenious kayak motors we’ve seen. Starting with a super compact, powerful and quiet brushless motor, Texas Power Paddle’s focus is on creating an unobtrusive, intuitive and simple kayak motor.

First Look: Texas Power Paddle

In addition to mounting the motor on a rudder system, Texas Power Paddle specializes in a retractable motor that is designed to fit inside Hobie’s Guardian transducer cavity. When the motor is stowed, it tucks into the transducer cavity flush with the bottom of the hull. Engage the throttle and the motor drops out of the cavity to propel the kayak. To disengage and retract the motor, turn the throttle to STOP and magnets pull the unit back into the cavity.

To complement the motor, Texas Power Paddle is coupled with its own battery and control system. The battery fits in a waterproof box with an LCD display of charge status along with USB port for accessories. There is even space in the box to store small items like a smartphone and car keys. Best of all, the battery box is programmed to beep when the power is running low.

Controlling speed, forward and reverse is handled by a tiny throttle knob that attaches to the rudder handle with a variety of other mounting options. The throttle offers variable speeds from full power to super slow for trolling or drift control. The user can activate a thrust mode to clear the motor of grass or debris.

Whether you choose the rudder mount or hull mount, the system installs in minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver. The battery weighs 10 pounds and the motor will fit in the palm of your hand while the tiny control knob is easy to mount almost anywhere.

The Texas Power Paddle is perfect for enjoying the simplicity and freedom of fishing from a kayak with the confidence of a small motor. Don’t worry about getting stranded down current and down wind at the end of the day, simply drop the motor and power home.

If you’re looking for power assist to motor to and from the fishing grounds or help control the boat while you’re casting lines and tying knots, the Texas Power Paddle provides smooth, quiet and efficient power without the hassle and complexity of a full-size trolling motor or electric outboard.


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