Ric Burnley
Pau Hana’s new Ricochet material takes a beating.

I was walking through the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer Marketplace tradeshow when I heard a terrible crash coming from the Pau Hana booth. I raced to the scene of the bang and crash expecting to see expensive SUPs laying in ruin. Instead, I saw Todd Caranto, Pau Hana owner, slamming a bowling ball into a Big EZ SUP. The stunt was a demonstration of the strength and integrity of Pau Hana’s new Ricochet material. Todd explained that the composite material only adds a pound to the board, but provides 800 pounds per square inch impact protection. Todd will be able to use the material with all Pau Hana models without drastically changing the way he makes the boards. This makes the boards tough enough for touring, fishing or…bowling…


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