ICAST First Look: Feelfree Airship

A hybrid between an inflatable and hard kayak that brings the best of both

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Feelfree is famous for stand-apart fishing kayaks and their latest release is another example of innovative design driving high performance. From their wheel-in-the-keel to the eye-catching color patterns and comfort-leading seat, Feelfree Kayaks has developed smart solutions to common challenges. When other kayak companies were designing pedal kayaks and motorized kayaks, Feelfree developed the Overdrive combining pedal and motor power in one system.

Feelfree Airship kayak paddleboard hybrid at ICAST 2022
Photos: Kayak Angler Staff

But Feelfree outdid their reputation for unique design with the new Airship. Combining an inflatable standup paddleboard with a hard-plastic kayak, the Airship captures the best qualities of each platform.

Feelfree Launches Their New Airship

Based on the design of a rigid inflatable boat, the Airship uses inflatable drop stitch gunnels surrounding a hard-plastic hull. This allows the boat to perform like a hard shell SUP and transport and store like an inflatable.

Deflate the gunnels, and the hard plastic deck separates and folds to fit in a hatchback or a closet. Inflate the board, and the hard plastic hull has a rockered keel to track straight and turn quickly. The inflatable gunnels keep the board moving quietly through the water and bouncing off rocks and pilings.

The design also allows Feelfree to install their pedal system in the board for easy propulsion. To improve comfort, the Airship has an elevated seat on a hard-plastic platform with integrated accessory mounts and storage.

Once again, Feelfree approaches the challenge of paddle fishing with a completely unique and totally intelligent design. The new Airship standup paddleboard breaks the mold to bring the best qualities of an inflatable and hard-shell SUP to a platform that does it all better.


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