ICAST First Look: New Inflatables From NRS

From entry-level to full feature, NRS invests a decade of experience with inflatable fishing paddlecraft into four redesigned models

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Years before inflatable fishing paddleboards and boats were popular, NRS was building blow-up river rafts for the roughest water on earth. A decade ago, they turned their extensive experience to meeting the needs of paddle anglers. Their latest line of fishing inflatables takes the platform to a new level.

NRS Launches New Inflatables for 2022

Kuda 126 and Heron 11

Starting with classic inflatable boards and boats, NRS has added new features to make fishing easier and more fun. The new Kuda 126 and Heron 11 are based on an existing inflatable SUP design that now has a frame seat and footpegs for improved comfort and performance. To add fishing accessories, NRS included a daisy chain of Molle loops and YakAttack mounting bases.

NRS Pike 126 Pro inflatable fishing kayak at ICAST 2022
Photo: Kayak Angler Staff

Pike 126 Pro

While the Kuda and Heron offer plenty of opportunities to customize, the new Pike 126 Pro inflatable kayak is intended to go from the store to the water without needing to add any accessories.

In addition to the paddle, frame seat and footpegs, the Pike 126 includes a full array of YakAttack accessories including two Omega rod holders, five MightyMount bases, a RotoGrip paddle holder and the new BlackPak Pro fishing crate. If that’s not enough, there are Molle loops, bungees and mounting bases to add even more accessories.

NRS Slipstream 96 Deluxe inflatable fishing boat at ICAST 2022
Photo: Kayak Angler Staff

Slipstream 96 Deluxe

The most exciting new inflatable fishing platform comes straight from NRS’s roots in whitewater rafts. The brand new Slipstream 96 Deluxe is a whitewater raft built for river fishing. The heavy-duty aluminum frame hosts two seats, one for the rower and an elevated swivel seat for the angler. Running down the side of the frame, two aluminum tubes protect spinning, casting or fly rods. The anchor rope runs through the frame tubing to eliminate tangles and snags.

At nine feet, six inches long and five feet wide, the Slipstream 96 is sized to fit in a pickup truck bed or on a cartop roof rack. The boat is light enough for two people to carry through rough terrain, for the ultimate in commando fishing launches.


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