Kaku Zulu Hybrid Pedal Drive Kayak Review

Get the best of both worlds with this pedal performer

Kevin Hawkins has been designing and testing Kaku Kayaks and SUPs for years, but this is his first year adding a pedal system to the line-up. The new Kaku Zulu is a rotomolded SUP and kayak hybrid with a wide, flat deck like a board and bow hatch and pedal system like a boat.

Kaku Zulu is a Stealthy SUP Hybrid

Hawkins gave the Zulu’s hull a sharp entry to cut through chop and silently sneak up on fish. A large bow hatch gives access to the hull for storage. The pedal system uses a simple two-point bracket to connect to the deck. The propeller drive drops through a large scupper covered with a Starboard cover.

Remove the pedals, and the cover doubles as a fish finder and transducer pod. Hawkins brought over the Voodoo frame seat, which can serve as a seat, standing platform or leaning post.

Power Up the Zulu for Top-Flight Fishing

On the Zulu, the party is out back where mounting plates give the option of adding Power-Pole micro anchors or an electric or gas motor. A large hatch in the stern will fit a large battery to power the motor and Power-Pole. We like the tough stainless-steel rudder that controls direction.




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