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Tom Watson is a freelance writer with over 20 years experience as a sea kayaker. He specializes in kayak safety, skills and survival techniques.

Forward Thinking: Kayak Paddle Design Through History

For the kayakers of antiquity, a paddle was as valuable a tool as the harpoons and spears they used to subsistence hunt. That’s because...

Peeling Back The History Of Pedal Drive Kayaks

Gather everyone together who has influenced pedal-driven fishing kayak technology and the guest list would include ancient Egyptians and Chinese, the famed scientist Archimedes,...

How To Use Kayak Lights For Night Fishing

Launching before sunrise, paddling after sunset and fishing all night are becoming more popular for anglers who seek a few extra hours on the...

7 Tips for Catching Backwater Largemouth Bass

If the Mississippi River is the main artery through the heart of southwest Wisconsin’s bluff country, the myriad of interwoven backwater channels are the...