Do These $2 Walmart Fishing Lures Really Work? (Video)

Dare to compare and maybe save a few bucks, too

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The right game plan goes a long way in kayak fishing, but it takes top-quality tackle to really drive the bite, right? Jeff Burlingame and Paul Glass of the Burly Fishing YouTube channel test this theory by reviewing four bargain lures from Walmart’s Ozark Trail line. How do these $2 lures stack up against the brand names in terms of quality and fishability? Watch and find out.

Sizing Up the Competitors

The Walmart lures Burlingame and Glass tested, plus their name brand competitors, are as follows:

Jeff Burlingame of Burly Fishing compares bargain fishing lures to name brand competitors
Walmart lures are a bargain, but they have less refined construction than premium brands like Strike King, Rapala and Rebel. | Image: Burly Fishing/YouTube

Getting to Know Walmart Fishing Lures

Walmart’s lures are affordably priced, but the Ozark Trail line also comes with some handy features aimed at newer anglers. Packaging includes a set of instructions on knot-tying, lure specifications, depths to fish, types of action and more. “All that stuff is laid out for you,” says Burlingame. “You gotta admit that is pretty cool.”

On the down side, the Walmart lures have less refined construction than premium brands like Strike King, Rapala and Rebel. Hooks in particular are a weak point. “The biggest negative I heard was treble hooks, which…seems obvious to me,” Burlingame reasons. “That’s the first place to skimp.” Fortunately, all four of the Walmart lures come with split rings, so you can easily swap in higher quality hooks.

Hooks aside, the paint scratches more easily on the cheaper lures, and the color and texture are overall less convincing. The quality of the action varies by lure type, with the minnow popping to the surface more quickly than Glass would like.

Will Walmart Lures Have You Hooked?

We won’t give away the final results from their test runs, but rest assured that Burlingame and Glass had some success fishing the Walmart lures. Which is your best bet—crankbait, rattle lure, popper or minnow? Watch the full video to find out, plus footage of each one in action.


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