Video: Kayak angler fights off aggressive hammerhead shark

You need to be careful on the water

This video showcases a kayak angler’s scary experience with a hammerhead shark. While he was out fishing in an area that the angler had obviously been fishing in before, he felt a bump on his kayak at the stern. When he turned he did not see anything. After feeling another bump from the stern he got a glimpse of a shark that looked to be checking him out.

According to an article by National Geographic, hammerhead sharks are aggressive hunters that feed on smaller fish, octopuses, squid, and crustaceans. They are not typically known to eat humans but they will act aggressively when defending their territory.

The angler in this video mentions in the description that this particular shark has not been seen in the area before. That being said, these sharks are typically bottom feeders and do not venture near the surface too often.

As a kayak angler who is far away from shore or any larger boats that could help, one can only imagine how terrifying this experience could have been. Luckily the angler was able to make his way towards shore after having to stab at the shark a number of times with his paddle blade.

This angler was not wearing his PFD in the video and this shows another instance where wearing one could save his life in the event that he was knocked out of his boat and injured by this shark. We are happy to see that he managed to escape the situation unharmed.

Featured Photo & Video: Youtube Mr. Markus


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