Video: Kayak Angler Hit By Motor Boat

A scary close call on the water

This video showcases a crazy incident with a motorboat and a kayak angler. Many people have had that scary feeling when a boat looks like it is coming straight for you but then veers off in another direction. This was a really close call. The boats do collide, but if the angler did not pedal himself out of there, the boat likely would have hit him dead on which would have been a very different situation.

This shows as a good reminder to always be aware when on the water. Obviously this was the motorboat that was at fault but accidents do happen and if you are prepared, you are better off to make a move to save yourself. Also great to see him wearing a PFD which may have saved his life if he was knocked into the water.

The shining light in this story is that the angler from youtube channel, Die Hard Fishing, did end up catching a personal best Lingcod to end the day. We also hope the boat owner eventually came around and would offer to pay for damages to the kayak.


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