Kayak Angler Hit By Motorboat (Video)

A scary close call on the water

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This video showcases a wild incident on the water between a motorboat and a kayak angler. Many people have had that scary feeling when a boat looks like it is coming straight for you, but then veers off in another direction. In this case it didn’t veer off, leading to a really close call. The boats do collide, but if the angler had not pedalled himself out of there he likely would have been hit head on, with the potential for a very different—and tragic—result.

The footage from this incident provides a good reminder to always be aware when on the water. If you prepare ahead of time, you will be more ready to act in circumstances where you must make a move to save yourself. Also, great to see a PFD being worn. It may have saved the angler’s life if he was knocked into the water.

The silver lining to this story is that the shaken-up angler, host of the Die Hard Fishing YouTube channel, ended up catching a personal best Lingcod to end the day. We also hope the boat owner eventually came around and would offer to pay for damages to the kayak.


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  1. While watching this video I noticed this angler was wearing dark colors that don’t stand out.I also deer hunt and wear blaze orange when required. When I kayak I wear a blaze orange hat and shirt or a bright chartreuse green shirt to be seen. You might want to consider that when out on busy waters!

  2. As a “kayaker” fishing in a boat traffic area, perhaps using a flex flag to make you more visible might be advisable…especially if there are complete idiots like those boaters out there on the water. Also it reveals the limiting maneuverability of these pedal platforms and ability to turn the “kayak” quickly with a sweep/lean stroke that an actual kayaker is capable of performing.

    • Here’s a side note to consider regarding being more visible on the water. Consider running at night and deciding to install deck lights to make your small vessel more visible. Suppose you decide to be a responsible boater and you rig your running lights to conform to standard marine regulations and positioning/colors of those lights. Now you are on the water with running lights configured in the required arrangement. Boaters who know how to read/interpret those office light patterns will probably presume you know what they mean, too, and will be handling your craft accordingly. Point being, if you decide to use running lights (not a requirement for kayaks), be sure to know the Rules of the Road as well because you will be broadcasting that awareness by conforming to those known arrays of deck lights.

    • the limiting maneuverability of these pedal platforms and ability to turn the “kayak” quickly with a sweep/lean stroke that an actual kayaker is capable of performing.
      The angler with the peddle boat was able to respond instantly. Without peddles he would have to drop the rod and get the paddle.

  3. Very close call… but as a boat operator and kayaker as well…we should always mark flag on board kayak with flags to increase are visablity on water..

  4. There is absolutely no excuse for the actions of the boater. However as a fellow kayaker, why would you go on the open water without a high visibility flag on your kayak? And I didn’t see a whistle within quick reach tied to the life jacket. But good on him for having a bilge pump and vhf radio. You only have one life guys. Take precautions when out on the water and live to yak another day!

  5. I do a lot of kayak fishing out on the Chesapeake Bay with lots of boat traffic. I have two flags on 6 ft. poles on my yak. One is a red pirate flag and the other the stars and bars. They never get missed and would make Francis Scott Key proud.

    • ENUFF IZ ENUFF! This is the fourth safety issue article in the last 18 months. Fellow Yakerz, Wake the Heck Up! 10+ year BtB rabid kayak angler here. Before buying a kayak, buying gear and going out in the water DO Your Homework! Your Like depends upon it! Buy a PFD designed for your weight and kayaking conditions, buy a kayak that meets your needs and is safe in the environment (e.g. Hammerhead dude: Yellow is considered “yum yum yellow” because it is scientifically proven to be attractive to sharks). Bright Red: Easiest color for the USCG to spot. Flags and LED lighting: Do your part to be spottable, then, pray the idiots and drunks see you! All in this together! Safety in numberz, Yak on!


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