Unexpected Slugfest With A Big Shark (Video)

Trophy tarpon aren't the only sizable opponents moving into these waters come spring

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As the waters off Florida’s coast warm come spring, trophy size tarpon move in. But as veteran angler John Skinner knows, tarpon aren’t the only sizable fish on patrol. Skinner hooks up with a shark during his outing in what turns out to be an unexpected slugfest in this video.

Skinner identifies it’s a shark based on its movement on the line. As the shark gets closer, Skinner gets a good look at just how big the shark turns out to be. “That’s a little bit more than fun size isn’t it,” Skinner says. The angler believes it to be a lemon shark.

He handles the shark with caution in the long fight and is eventually able to release it. After the grueling battle, Skinner returns to safer fights with spring Tarpon.


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