Make DIY Fishing Lures From A Regular Spoon (Video)

Collect your old cutlery for this fun home project

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Fishing lures can be as big and fancy as your budget allows, but sometimes simplicity comes with its own rewards. Fishing spoon lures have been used by anglers since the mid-1800s and they can be fashioned out of household objects. This video from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ TackleShare program shows how to easily make two DIY fishing spoon lures from—you guessed it—a typical teaspoon. Dig in!

How to Make DIY Fishing Spoons

Our host starts off by listing the necessary supplies:

She also lists a few extra items that are nice to have on hand:

DIY Fishing Spoon Instructions

1 Cut the spoon

Start by marking a line on the spoon where the bowl meets the neck and place it in the vise to cut along the line. Use a hacksaw to cut the spoon.

cutting a spoon to make diy fishing lure
Cut the teaspoon into segments. | Image: TackleShare/YouTube

Next, do the same for the handle end of the spoon, leaving you with two differently-shaped segments for lures and a small piece of throwaway metal from the spoon’s neck. Use a file to smooth off rough edges from the cuts.

2 Shape the lures

To decrease the curvature of your spoon, use a vise and/or hammer to carefully squeeze or flatten the bowl. A vise will provide more uniform curvature than a hammer.

squeezing the spoon in a vise to change the curvature
Modify the curvature of the spoon for better performance. | Image: TackleShare/YouTube

You can also use a hammer or set of pliers to bend the lip of the spoon back for better action in the water.

3 Drill holes for split rings

Use a marker or a hammer and nail to set guides for drill holes through both ends of the lures. Center the holes exactly for smoother, more pleasing action. Work on the concave side of the spoon (the inside, or top, of the spoon) to keep your drill from wandering.

marking the holes to be drilled with a marker
Drill holes for the hardware. | Image: TackleShare/YouTube

Wear eye protection while you drill and avoid contact with metal shavings. Use a file to smooth rough edges from the holes. Caution, metal may be warm after drilling or filing.

4 Paint the lures

Leave the concave side shiny and use sandpaper to roughen the convex surface (the outside, or bottom, of the spoon) prior to painting it.

painting the fishing spoon lures
Paint the lures to make them truly your own. | Image: TackleShare/YouTube

Get creative with paint and glitter to get just the effect you want. This is a great opportunity for kids to help out.

5 Add hardware

Thread split rings through the holes in your lures (both ends) and attach a treble hook to one.

woman holds up finished DIY fishing spoons with split rings and treble hooks
The finished DIY fishing spoon lures. | Feature image: TackleShare/YouTube

Before fishing, make sure you use a swivel to prevent the line from tangling around your spinning spoon.


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