Scary Moment As Kayak Flips In Fast-Moving River (Video)

Leash it or lose it when things go awry

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Hosted by Spencer Bauer, a fishing guide based out of central Iowa, this video follows as he and a friend fish for flathead catfish in a fast-flowing spring river. Bauer shares his catfish tips and points out some amusing local sights before landing a nice and spirited catch by a shady riverbank. Their fishing is interrupted, however, when one kayak flips and lands its occupant in treacherous conditions.

Going into rescue mode for a flipped kayak

All goes according to plan until the 9:20 mark, when one of the men flips his kayak and ends up in the water, balancing barefoot on a sunken locust tree—thorns and all. As Bauer notes, “Good thing he had a life jacket on!” Rods and bait are lost to the current, but thankfully not their cooler full of brats. As the rescue wraps up, Bauer demonstrates how to salvage a sunken fishing rod by casting for it—truly an impressive catch.

Anglers should beware strong river currents

As a seasoned fishing guide, Bauer correctly notes that kayak fishing in swollen rivers is not an activity for novices. “Strong current and underwater obstructions make fast-flowing rivers something you should work up to, not necessarily dive right into. Always wear a life jacket and never try anything that makes you nervous or uncomfortable.” Commenter Eddie Fife echoes, “Rods and reels can be replaced!! Live and learn!” Sage advice for anglers of all skill levels, because no-one is immune from the odd mishap.

What was your worst fishing mishap, and what did you learn from it?


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