Kayak Carts Explained With Bass Open Champion Kristine Fischer (Video)

A set of wheels are your rig’s ticket to reaching the water, and this professional angler is here to give you a rundown of options.

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Today’s fishing kayaks are some sophisticated vessels, and with the advances in kayak design and outfitting come additional size and weight. This makes kayak carts an absolute necessity for the modern kayak angler. Even for recreational kayakers a cart is a solid choice to save your back.

Bass Open champion Kristine Fischer knows this all too well. The Hobie Mirage Pro 14 she uses on the daily weighs in at 145 pounds before she has even loaded up her tackle for the day. Rest assured though, whether you are new to the sport or seeking a fresh set of wheels, she has solutions for you in this video.

Kristine Fischer explains kayak carts
Feature image: Kristine Fischer/YouTube

Types of Kayak Carts Available

“Carts are huge when it comes to transporting your kayak to and from busy ramps, across the beach, and down the beaten path,” says Fischer.

“There’s really two categories,” she introduces. “First up we’ve got the Hobie HD [Heavy Duty] and the Boonedox cart here. These two styles require you to turn the kayak on its side and insert these [bars] into the scupper holes.” These are efficient carts. They can also be stored onboard by turning them upside down, and plugging in the same rear scuppers. The downside for this style of cart: You usually have to take all of your gear out to load the kayak because it is put on edge.

“The next style of cart allows anglers to fully load their kayak, and lift it onto the cart without having to turn the kayak on its side,” Fischer explains. Her recommendations include the price-conscious option of the Railblaza C-Tug. The C-Tug has a simple strap system, and is a light, plastic cart. Though the C-Tug has limitations on keeping the kayak in the saddle on rough terrain.

Fischer recommends the axle-less, machined aluminum Ketch Kart if you are looking for some heavy duty wheels. The Ketch Kart can also  fit over a milk crate in the stern. If you have the budget, it is a cart built to last.

The options for carts don’t end here, but Fischer provides a good overview of styles.

The Trick to Loading Up Your ‘Yak

You aren’t alone if you had an issue with lifting the kayak and loading it into the saddle of these carts. Fischer acknowledges they can be tricky to use, and she provides a little pro tip.

Kayak angler showing use of a cart
Image: Kristine Fischer/YouTube

“You want to have your kayak at an angle and bring the cart in at an angle. That’s going to help when you lift the kayak up and set it down, and increase your chances of having the cart centered.”

The approach helps the angler have the correct cart position when they lift and pivot an end. Perhaps easier said than done. Like catching fish, Fischer makes using carts look easy. With the right choice, and a few run throughs, Fischer’s tips will help you accomplish what kayak carts are intended for—getting you on the water faster.


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