How To Rig Your YakAttack Crate Like A Pro (Video)

Chad Hoover demystifies assembling your BlackPak Pro tackle crate

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The YakAttack BlackPak Pro has become a game-changer for tackle storage since the crate was released in the spring of 2022. If you’ve opened the box to yours and have been slightly intimidated to assemble it though, you aren’t the only one. Fortunately, Chad Hoover is here to demystify assembling the Blackpak Pro.

What makes the BlackPak Pro crate look like a K’NEX set for outdoor recreation is also why it’s one of the most capable crates out there. It isn’t just functional, it’s kayak angler centric. Sturdy materials, attachable rod tube holders, hinged lid, and the grid of thread holes — a forward-thinking construction for customization. YakAttack knew what they were up to when they rigged these crates to accept accessory tracks for additional rod holders and electronics.

The potential for how to use a simple tackle crate feels endless, you just have to set aside the time to set yours up and start experimenting with accessory setups. There’s no need to go through a first-time assembly on your own though. Chad Hoover and Gene “Flukemaster” Jensen have put together plenty of BlackPak Pros over the past year. In this video, they share a step-by-step assembly and their take on how to rig your YakAttack crate.


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