DIY Kayak Setup: Avoid This Milk Crate Mistake (Video)

Follow these handy tips to ensure your crate is great

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A confession: We sometimes like to start how-to books on the last chapter and flip backwards to the beginning. Today’s video is similar, as Kayak Hacks Fishing host Steve Moore presents the last chapter in his Kayak Fishing Setup series. Step 15 is focused on DIY milk crates, without which “no fishing kayak setup is complete.” Follow along for rigging mistakes to avoid, and if you’re feeling inspired try watching the whole series to really trick out your ride.

DIY Kayak Crate Mistakes to Avoid

Moore identifies two main errors that beginners often make when setting up a milk crate. “Avoiding the mistakes,” he says, “are critical for the correct setup for a rod holder that’s good for everything from bass to saltwater.”

man holds up DIY rod holders to attach to a milk crate
Make sure you mount your DIY rod holders the right way up on the milk crate. | Image: Kayak Hacks Fishing/YouTube

The first mistake is buying the wrong milk crate. This is DIY project, but you don’t want to cheap out on important components. “Make sure you get a milk crate that has plenty of plastic,” cautions Moore. “You need to drill through that to attach your rod holders.”

The second mistake is less obvious to the untrained eye. Moore hops in his kayak and shows how vertical rod holders can get in the way when they’re mounted right behind your seat. Instead, he suggests using slanted rod holders.

Made from lengths of PVC pipe, each DIY rod holder should have a slot cut in one end to hold the rod and reel securely in place. It’s important to plan ahead so your slot is facing down when the rod holder is installed.

Add the Finishing Touches to Your Crate

For added strength, Moore uses a basic cutting board on the inside of the crate to anchor his screws. He also details how to offset multiple rod holders so they don’t interfere with each other. Finally, Moore mounts a bump board on the crate with velcro straps for easy access. How does your kayak crate measure up?


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