Breaking Down The Best Bass Lure Of All Time (Video)

Ike has an answer that might surprise you

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Writers and commentators have spilled an ocean of ink on the subject of bass fishing lures, so naturally it’s not easy to find the truly definitive best choice. In a recent “Ike in the Shop” video on his popular YouTube channel, pro bass angler Mike Iaconelli aims to answer this question, one he hears more than any other: “What is the best bass lure ever created?”

Will the Best Bass Lure Surprise You?

Iaconelli explains why it’s such a difficult question to answer, in part due to the huge variety of lures available to modern anglers. Hard baits, soft baits, spinnerbaits, jigs, swimbaits and more all have their advantages, so how best to compare?

To truly be in the running for the title of “best ever,” Iaconelli believes a lure should work in every season, from the coldest to the warmest water temperatures and also during the transitional periods in-between. The best bass lure should work in all levels of water clarity, from dirty and stained to ultra-clear, and in all types of water bodies. Lastly, it should allow you to fish the top, middle and bottom of the water column.

Winner of Best Bass Fishing Lure Is…

It may sound too good to be true, but Iaconelli has a real answer and a compelling argument to back it up. He also certainly has the results on the water. “For decades upon decades, this one lure out-produces all the rest when it comes to year-round bass fishing!” he teases in the video description.

We won’t spoil the answer, but you may have a guess. Is your head spinning? Have you gone buck wild? Are your teeth chattering? Watch the full video for Iaconelli’s best lure ever created, plus great pro tips on bass fishing in all types of conditions.


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  1. By ID’ing a lure that works throughout the water column in any type of water and all year long, what the video accomplishes is finding the best AVERAGE lure. A good fisherman would know the best lure for any combination of all those conditions. Plenty of times the jig would not fit the bill.


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