Fishing kayaks let you hook up with fish where other boats just can’t go. But what about those fish way out in the deep, where kayaks could go, but it’d take a few days to get there? Mothershipping can extend your range and get your bait or lures in front of big bluewater fish. It can also be a great adventure for you and your buddies. Use these tips from kayak fishing pro Rob Choi to take your next mothership trip to the next level.

5 Tips for Mothership Kayak Fishing Trips

1 Get a Group

Create a list of people who might be interested, have the funds, and have the right schedule. A lot of times, simply getting the spots filled to get the price right is half the battle.

kayaks are tied and transported on a mothership at dawn during a kayak fishing trip
Mothershipping can be a great adventure for you and your buddies. | Feature photo: Rob Choi

2 Know Your Knots

Fighting the big offshore species can really put your tackle to the test. If you use braid, this is even more important because that leader to braid connection is usually the weakest point.

Bimini twist to no-name knot is a well tested and reliable one as well as the FG knot. Nothing worse than spending a bunch of money to get all the way out there, hooking a catch of a lifetime, then having your knot fall apart.

3 Drug UpDramamine antinausea pills

Take Dramamine the night before. Just do it. The most seaworthy kayak anglers can turn green on a big boat.

4 Secure Your Sleds

Bring your tie-downs that you used to strap your kayak to your rack/trailer. Many times they come in handy to keep your kayak in place while being shipped off shore. When launching your kayak from the stern of the mothership, tie one end to your bow so the mate can hold on to the other end while you get on.

When it’s time to get your kayak back on the mothership, toss the loose end (other end still attached to the bow) to the mate. A towel or two can keep the kayak from scratching the gunnel of the boat as well.

5 Shark Senses

Be wary of sharks. Keep your feet in the kayak whenever possible. If you have a particularly bloody catch, try to stow it inside the kayak or get it to the mothership.

Mothershipping can be a great adventure for you and your buddies. | Feature photo: Rob Choi




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