Wake up in the morning and check the weather app. Eat breakfast while scrolling through social media for yesterday’s fishing report. At the launch, have a look at the navigation app to predict the tides and plan out your day. Catch a fish, then look it up on a fish identification app. Take a picture with your smartphone and upload it to the fishing log app.

For every aspect of kayak fishing, there’s a fishing app for that. Following are some of the best fishing apps that kayak anglers can use to ensure safer and more enjoyable days on the water.


Free | Android, IOS

Social media hits the water with the best fish tracker app. Fishbrain has over 10 million users logging more than nine million catches, providing you with a massive community of anglers and bottomless library of fishing information. Use the interactive map and search feature to learn about the best places to fish, the most productive baits and lures, and other tips from the Fishbrain network. Track your catches and log details about conditions in the fishing log. Then, share it with thousands of friends on the Fishbrain app.


Free | Android, IOS

The free version of this app offers basic navigation charts available while the user is online. Download the subscription service and you get detailed charts of lakes and coastlines updated daily and supplemented by real-time information from other users. The best fishing map app also includes satellite images, and current information about weather and tides. Save waypoints and track offline by using your phone’s GPS.

Kayak Angler+ Magazine

Free | Android, IOS

Kayak Angler magazine delivers the very best kayak fishing stories and photography of Kayak Angler’s print editions, plus exclusive digital extras including videos, photo galleries, and digital enhancements. Download the FREE Kayak Angler magazine App then follow the prompts to buy the latest issue, back issues or sign up for an annual subscription. All issues are FREE for Kayak Angler magazine print subscribers!



Free | Android, IOS

The most powerful fishing tracker app takes the fishing log to a new level. Anglr allows data crunchers to record information about catches and conditions, and plan fishing trips with maps and waypoints. Connect the app to Anglr’s Bullseye wearable transmitter or Abu Garcia Anglr rod to automatically record where and when you make a catch. Information stored on Anglr is kept private until the user decides to share it. Anglr combines wearable hardware with a powerful smartphone app to track every catch and build a database of valuable information.


Free | Android, IOS

Where can you go, and where can’t you go? With the BaseMap app, there is no question of whether you are on public or private land. The app includes detailed maps with satellite images depicting property lines and ownership. The fishing app includes depth contours and information about local access. The subscription version of the app turns your smartphone into a navigation tool with unlimited offline maps, tracks and marks.


Free | Android, IOS

With over 50,000 weather stations, an army of meteorologists and software designed by MIT engineers, FishWeather is the most trusted fishing weather app. Get reliable predictions up to a week in advance with hour-by-hour weather forecasts. Upgrade to the Pro membership for more detailed wind and weather information.


Free | Android, IOS

The best saltwater fishing app, FishTrack uses satellite images to produce high-contrast charts depicting water temperature, currents, tides, water color and wave height to help offshore anglers find the fish. The subscription version of the app includes cloud-free satellite images and bathymetric lines along with water temperature information.

Fish Rules

Free | Android, IOS

Fishing rules and regulations change with the season—keeping track of what you can catch can get confusing. To the rescue, Fish Rules App curates fishing regulations from Maine to Texas. The app uses your phone’s GPS to determine your location and the calendar to alert you of current regulations. You can also use it to learn about licenses and permits you might need.

Fish Deepe‪r‬

Free | Android, IOS

To provide the power of a fish finder in the palm of your hand, the Deeper fish finder app mates with their ping-pong-ball-sized sonar pod to produce detailed images of fish and structure below the boat. Mount the pod to the kayak or tie it to a fishing line and cast it out. The pod transmits a sonar signal to your smartphone. Using the Deeper app, anglers can record catches and share information with a network of Deeper users.

Fishidy: Fishing Maps Ap‪p

Free | Android, IOS

To find the best fishing spots near you, use the maps and social network on Fishidy. Over 20,000 ponds, 180 saltwater spots and almost 2,000 streams are labeled with best places to launch and hottest fishing holes. Network with other users for fishing reports and area reviews.


Free | Android, IOS

What fish did you catch? Smallmouth bass, largemouth or red eye? Could it be a spotty or a Florida strain? With thousands of fish species, you have to be an ichthyologist to identify your catch. Using a fish identification app, you can get an answer before the fish can flop back into the water. Take a picture of the fish, upload it to the FishVerify app and you’ll know what you caught in a few seconds. FishVerify also allows you to record your catch along with notes on the conditions.


$0.99 | Android, IOS

How do you tie a Bimini twist? Slim beauty? Surgeon’s loop? Blood knot? All the most popular and effective connections are illustrated and animated on the NetKnots fishing knots app. Watch videos of the knots tying themselves, pause, zoom-in and replay until you get it right. NetKnots covers 64 fishing knots, 108 rope knots and dozens of other twists and ties.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Free | Android, IOS

It’s no secret that fish move and feed with the changes of the moon and sun. Fhstimes app uses the phases of heavenly bodies to determine the best times to fish. Use the interactive app to pinpoint your fishing location and display ideal periods of activity on the best fishing times app.

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