Tyler Clark is a tournament pro from northern Alabama. After fishing the College Kayak Series and winning local and national tournaments, Clark has dialed in his topwater action. Alabama is a diverse fishery with lakes, ponds and rivers holding largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Each species and every scenario calls for a different topwater presentation. Clark says, “Out of all the ways to catch fish, topwater makes my heart skip a beat.”

Best Bass Fishing Baits and Lures: Topwater

When to Use a Topwater Lure

My three favorite styles of topwater are a popper, prop bait and spook. In spring and fall, I will go with a walking-style lure because the fish move shallow to feed on shad. In fall, I’ll throw a prop-style lure in the shallows. In summer, I like to use a popper. When I see shad on the surface, I go with a walking topwater. When I fish around cover like laydowns, docks or scattered grass, I pick up the walking or prop-bait. When the water is calm, I use a popper to create commotion and attract the fish. Waves and wind require a walking lure.

boom. Photo: Tyler Clark
Boom.| Photo: Tyler Clark

How to Use a Topwater Lure

When it comes to a popper, I like to use a pop-pause method. Depending on time of year, I may let it have a longer pause. If the fish are active, I’ll give it a shorter pause. For the prop bait, I use a steady retrieve. If the fish are super active or missing the lure, I’ll kill the propbait retrieve and give the line a twitch to imitate an injured baitfish. With the walking lure, I use a steady walk-the-dog retrieve.

How to Choose a Topwater Lure

My philosophy is simple is better. Colors are not complicated. I always carry a shad pattern, a darker color and white. If I see shad, I go with the shad pattern. If it is overcast, I will use a darker color. When the sun is out, white is my choice.

Best Topwater Lures for Bass

Berkley J-Walker Fishing Hard Bait

Berkley J-Walker Fishing Hard Bait


Berkley Choppo Fishing Hard Bait

Berkley Choppo Fishing Hard Bait


Topwater Tackle Box

Rod: 7-foot, medium-heavy with a fast tip.

Reel: Lews Speed Spool with 7.1:1 gear ratio.

Line: 20-pound copolymer line for the strength of braid with the stretch of monofilament.

“Topwater makes my heart skip a beat.” | Photo: Tyler Clark
“Topwater makes my heart skip a beat.” | Photo: Tyler Clark

Topwater Memories

One of the best days of kayak fishing I was using topwater. I was fishing a local spot when all the right conditions came together. It was springtime, the bass had started to move up shallow but had not started to spawn yet. I launched just before sunrise and headed to my first spot of the day. The water was calm and there was hardly any wind. I tied on a Berkley Bullet Pop in ghost pattern. Within the first hour of fishing in the first spot, I had caught eight fish with several in the three- to four-pound range. The fishing was so good, I was home in time for breakfast.

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“Topwater makes my heart skip a beat.” | Feature photo: Tyler Clark



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