Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL First Look

Photo By: Kayak Angler
The ocean kayak Malibu PDL

Everyone wants a pedal-driven kayak, even weekend warriors. To answer the demand, Ocean Kayak has released the new Malibu. The boat features an open bow well and stern well. There’s a jump seat in the stern for the kids and room in the bow for the dog.

The brightly colored boat has an adjustable, removable seat similar to the Element seat in Old Town’s Predator. A hatch under the seat provides access to the inside of the hull. The rudder is controlled by levers on either side of the seat.

We were stoked to see Ocean Kayak borrowed the PDL pedal system from the Old Town Predator for the new Malibu. This tried and true pedal system is easy to lift, lower and remove. It provides plenty of reliable power in forward and reverse.

Ocean Kayak is marketing the Malibu as a “recreational” boat for beach bums and easy lakers, but I can see a few rod holders and a crate would make it a light and simple pedal fishing boat.


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