We asked Kayak Angler readers for the biggest obstacles to more fishing. Then, we gave the top answers to Ocean Kayak pro Rob Choi, a guy with a family, mortgage, nine-to-five job and long commute to the best fishing grounds, who still manages to spend more time on the water than most. Excuses? No excuses.

Top Excuses for Why We Can’t Go Kayak Fishing

1 Honey Do’s

Home repair and maintenance is never ending, so why rush to complete menial jobs? A leaking roof will still be leaking tomorrow. Fish migrations, weather, seasons, water conditions are ever changing. Go fishing now. Fix the roof when walleye season closes.

2 Money

Money is the root of all evil. Exorcise the evil by spending your money on fishing. Fishing is one of the most expensive sports in the world. But unlike golf or sky diving, fishing pays off in fish. The flounder you caught this afternoon is $16.99 per pound at the market. At this rate, it will take 100 pounds of fillets to offset the cost of bait and tackle. Better get fishing.

3 Family Obligations

Birthday parties, picnics and other family get-togethers need to be prioritized. Direct family (wife, kids, parents, siblings) take priority over fishing. In-laws, cousins, neighbors and a friend of a friend, maybe not so much. Plan family events at your favorite fishing hole, so you can sneak away for a few casts between flipping burgers and twisting balloon animals.

excuses not to go fishing
What excuses could possibly be good enough to forego a kayak fishing opportunity? | Feature illustration: Lorenzo Del Bianco

4 Weather

After working hard to earn a kitchen pass, finding some money in the couch cushions and ducking the in-laws, a little weather isn’t going to stop fishing. If the wind is blowing, find a protected cove. Rain? Wear a rain jacket. Some of my best fishing days were on the worst weather days.

5 Work

A necessary evil. Those lucky to have a liberal leave policy, flexible schedule, early retirement or a clueless boss can write off this obstacle. The rest of us, work takes priority. Even if you must be at work, you don’t have to think about work. Use the time to plan your next escape. The boss controls your body, but she can’t control your mind.

6 Too Far

Get up early, drive long, find a closer spot, carpool whatever it takes to cover the distance. Escaping to a local fishing hole is great before or after obligations, but the best fishing is always hours away. Pack your gear and load the boats the night before. Sleep is for golfers.

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What excuses could possibly be good enough to forego a kayak fishing opportunity? | Feature illustration: Lorenzo Del Bianco



  1. You forgot “No One To Go With.” Seems like all my fishing friends have all these excuses nailed down. Guess I need some new fishing buddies.

  2. Lack of friends who don’t share the same interests in the sport. I personally don’t care to fish or camp solo. To me, it’s all about experiencing the outing with friends.

  3. I hear a lot (You’ Gone fishing 6 days this week.) Can’t wait for some dumb official to make it a 8 day week. Then I can go 7 days a week.


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