Every angler is on the hunt for the next species, the one they haven’t caught yet. That next big catch fills the dreams of kayak anglers both day and night, work and play. We asked eight pros to share their dream kayak catch. Here’s what they told us.

8 Pro Anglers Share Their Dream Kayak Catch

“Easy answer for me, tarpon. Caught them in powerboats and hooked them from bridges—from a kayak would be an unreal thrill!”

Jamie Pistilli, former host of Big City Fishing on the World Fishing Network, avid multi-species angler, writer and guide with Rising Sun Charters

“I’m still pining for a big billfish. I’ve landed jacks, tarpon, snook, roosters, snappers and sharks, but a big ol’ marlin, sail or sword is still pinging my radar.
I fished with Sammons and some friends in Baja one summer. Most of the group was ‘pro’ or semi-pro, yet the one wet-behind-the-ears guy who had never been in a kayak before caught the only marlin we rang up.
It was great for the newbie and we loved that a marlin was caught, but all the old salts felt a sting of jealousy and it just reinforced my jones-ing for catching a bill.”

Jeff “Birdsnest” Herman, Jackson Kayak pro staffer, ACA certified instructor, writer and avid fisherman

“Without a doubt, travel deep into the Amazonian rain forest with the kayak for a backwater adventure after arapaima and peacock bass!”

Gary Robinson, Wilderness Systems, Palm Equipment, and Adventure Technology Paddles pro staffer, photographer, fishing writer and aquatic biologist

“My dream catch would probably be a dolphinfish (mahi-mahi). Hopefully it will come true this summer.”

Zack Rece, Old Town pro staffer and a member of Space Coast Kayak Anglers

“Tarpon on the fly from my Hobie!”

Ashley Rae, Hobie, Mustang Survival, YakAttack, Power-Pole and Garmin pro, tournament angler and owner/operator of shelovestofish.com

“My kayak dream catch would probably be a giant peacock bass in the backwaters of the Amazon. Throwing big topwater baits for incredibly strong and beautiful fish in such a wild and remote landscape—you can’t ask for much more!”

Drew Haerer, Wilderness Systems, Bending Branches, Carolina Custom Rods, Smith Optics, Columbia Sportswear and Pure Fishing pro staffer

“Yellowfin tuna is my dream fish from a kayak!”

Michael Rischer, Hobie, Stohlquist, Daiwa and Yakima pro staffer, tournament angler and owner/guide of Kayak Fishing Oregon

“This year it will be a 50-inch-plus muskie out of Lake St. Clair. As a kid my dad took me fishing every chance he had. My real dream catch will be getting my 74-year-old father out this summer in one of my kayaks and catching even a 10-inch bass.”

Craig Hefner, Old Town pro staffer, tournament angler and owner of Yellow Dog Kayak Accessories

angler sleeps in a kayak while holding onto his rods and dreaming about his dream catch
That next big catch fills the dreams of kayak anglers both day and night. | Feature photo: Ben Duchesney

That next big catch fills the dreams of kayak anglers both day and night. | Feature photo: Ben Duchesney



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