At work, the market, cocktail parties and the doctor’s office. On the beach or the boat ramp. Everywhere we go, people ask a million tough questions about kayak fishing. Answers aren’t so easy.

So, we asked Kayak Angler’s social media friends to share the most common questions asked of them. Then we picked Johnson Outdoors pro and Virginia expert angler, Rob Choi, to provide the best answers.

Top 8 Questions and Answers About Kayak Fishing

1 Where do you keep the fish?

I open the hatch and point inside, show them my stringer or crack my cooler and let them see what’s for dinner.

2 Where’s the motor?

I assume the Mr. Universe stance, and in my best Schwarzenegger I say, “Right here.”

3 Kayak fishing is cheap, right?

“Sure it is,” I say as I slide my $400 paddle into a $2,000 kayak between a half-dozen $300 fishing rods and a $700 fishfinder, “compared to space exploration.”

4 What about sharks?

“Have you seen the slow-motion video of a great white shark flying out of the water with a mangled seal in its mouth? I don’t think sharks are scary.”

5 Are you afraid you’ll fall off?

It’s not like you’re falling into lava. It’s just water.

6 You got to be a stud to operate that thing, right?

“Yeah, I’m a stud,” I say while scratching my belly and making rude bodily noises.

7 Will kayak fishing improve my ability to score with the ladies?

Definitely.  You should see the look in a girl’s eyes when you walk up the beach Hasselhoff-style, wearing a greasy life vest, slimy, bloody, salty pants, a pair of Crocs, face covered in a sun mask and an action camera on your head. The fairer sex loves the smell of dead fish, old bait and body odor. You won’t be able to keep them away, like the flies swarming around your head.

8 Nice canoe

Oh no, you didn’t.

Feature photo: Andy Hagedon


  1. How about question #9 ? Aren’t you afraid of getting run over by a boat? Reply… Naw It.s as safe as flying in a Boeing Max8 to Ethiopia.

  2. Will kayak fishing improve my ability to score with the ladies? I’ve been married for 50+ years. Every time I walk into the house after a kayak fishing trip the very first thing my wife says is to get your clothes off. Get your clothes into the washer and you into the shower then you can come into the house.

  3. #11) Why didn’t you just buy a boat…?
    Zips up my life vest and mumbles, “ because of A**holes like you”..!!!

    Then in my PeeWee Herman Voice: I’m a loaner Dottie, a REBEL…!!!


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