Every time I go fishing, I am seeking a relationship…with a fish. As if relationships aren’t complicated enough. Although the hookup may only last a couple of minutes, and I know it can’t last forever, there is a chance for something really meaningful—possibly even life changing. And if not? Well, there are always other fish in the sea.

Fishing for That Magical Moment

Like any new acquaintance, the initial rendezvous may require some preparation. I’ve been spotted practicing my presentation in the front yard. I’m guilty of driving by the shoreline on my way home from work, just to see if anyone is home. 

With the possibility of scoring some action, I put myself out there. A mist of Eau de Shad on my best hammered nickel bling, I let the fish know I’m available. Slowly, patiently, I make cast after cast, flirting with hazardous structure and working my best pickup lines. 

“What’s your favorite color?” 

“Do you come here often?” 

“Seen any good hatches lately?”

Relationship On the Line

If I make a good first impression, there could be a sudden, strong commitment from the other side. An exotic creature tugs at my heartstrings and I hang on for a wild ride. I hear music. A stringed instrument plays a tense, wonderful accompaniment for our encounter. 

Although we pretend our meeting is casual, there is always the chance this could be The One. My personal best. An anxiety-ridden dialogue pulls back and forth, but any relationship requires give and take.

As the distance closes, I whisper, “I want to see you.” Then, with a splash, I begin to yearn for more: “If I could just hold you…” Finally, we meet face to face, holding each other, both gasping for air. 

We pause for a photo, but I’ll never forget the moment.

Connection Can’t Last Forever

Eventually, inevitably, we break up. With a kick and a swirl, she disappears into the dark water and I’m on to the next pursuit. After all, the sea is deep and the world is wide, and there are always other fish out there.

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Feature illustration: Lorenzo Del Bianco



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