1 Kayaks are tippy

The sit-on-top kayaks that most people use for fishing are much different from their whitewater and touring kayak brethren. They are not made to be rolled and on the contrary, some models are stable enough to stand on, pole or even throw a cast net off of.

man fishes from a fishing kayak
Kayak fishing can be one of the most economical ways to enjoy the out of doors. | Photo: Joyota/Pixabay

2 Kayak fishing is expensive

Kayak fishing can be one of the most economical ways to enjoy the out of doors and get out on the water. A brand new, top-name fishing kayak can cost as little as $600 including paddle and safety gear.

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3 If I fall off in deep water, I won’t be able to get back on

First of all, if you don’t routinely fall out of chairs, you probably will have no problem staying on a fishing kayak. But for argument’s sake, if you fall out of a SOT, you simply swim up to the bow, push it beneath you and roll into the boat. The water goes out the scupper holes and you are on your way!

4 You can’t land a big fish from a kayak

There are very few species of fish not being caught from kayaks these days. Sailfish, tarpon, sharks and even marlin are all routinely landed by yak anglers.

5 Kayaks aren’t seaworthy and cannot be taken onto the open ocean

On the contrary, SOT kayaks were originally designed to get safely through the California surf zone for fishing and diving offshore. “Tank well,” the name of the open storage area in the back of some kayaks, refers to its original purpose of carrying scuba tanks.

6 I will be able to go farther/faster if I put a trolling motor on it

With a quick paddle lesson and good quality yak and paddle, you should be able to go as far as you would ever need to go to find fish and enjoy the true advantages of the sport, which are stealth and affordability.

7 A big fish will tow me out to sea

Even if the fish is the size of your yak, you are still the one in control. To slow the fish down, hang your legs over the side to provide greater drag. If you want to stop him dead in his tracks, simply turn so that he is pulling your kayak sideways or throw out your anchor. If you are still envisioning The Old Man and The Sea, just carry some line cutters on a lanyard.

two men fish from kayaks
It’s no myth: any kayak can be made into a fishing kayak by simply installing a rod holder. | Feature photo: Imordaf/Pixabay

8 Only a true fishing kayak is suitable for fishing

This is a sport that celebrates affordability and ingenuity. Although “angler edition” models now come factory-rigged, any kayak can be made into a fishing kayak by simply installing a rod holder. Just go to your local shop, pick out the kayak you like, and either ask them to rig it or rig it yourself.

9 I just want to fish so I don’t need to learn anything about paddling

Don’t deprive yourself of enjoying the paddling aspects of this great sport. Learning to paddle efficiently and control the boat will allow you to cover more water, handle the boat better, and be more confident and safe.

10 I will get eaten by a shark/crocodile/giant squid/sea monster

You could also be abducted by aliens. Once you start kayak fishing and are finally away from the TV during Shark Week, you will quickly realize that you are probably in much greater danger on your daily drive to work.



  1. Hmmmm? Some interesting generalizations here:
    5. Kayaks Aren’t Seaworthy And Cannot Be Taken Onto The Open Ocean – It’s usually the paddler/pedaler who isn’t “seaworthy”. Truly rough conditions require much more skill and experience than calm water, no matter how far from shore;
    8. Only A True Fishing Kayak Is Suitable For Fishing – a rod holder does not a “fishing” kayak make. The paddler makes it a fishing kayak or a photography kayak or….The kayak evolved from a boat used for fishing and hunting. These new SOTs are fishing platforms and a great way to build upon the essence of true, tradtional kayaking – fish rod holders or not.
    9. I Just Want To Fish So I Don’t Need To Learn Anything About Paddling -No dumber words spoken. Glad to see you stress the need for confidence and safety – and hopefully learning skills that a “kayaker” needs. Are you a kayaker who fishes or a fisherman who uses a SOT fishing platform to fish? The more your craft of choice reacts and performs like a true kayak, the more you need to hone your skills to adequately handle your boat safety. Be Safe, Be Smart, Have Fun out there!


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