Photo: Peter Holcombe
The Aurora Borealis on the Ottawa River

The Ottawa River Waits For You

The rolling farmland that surrounds Beachburg, Ontario, conceals a hidden gem that is a world-class destination for whitewater rafters and kayakers, but is virtually unknown to anglers.

The remote, forested wilderness surrounding the Ottawa River is home to bald eagles, river otter, white-tail deer and bear. In the river, pike, musky, walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass hide behind every rock, hold in deepwater pools and shoot through the rapids. Just downstream of the first rapid the river splits into two channels giving paddlers the option of a high-adrenaline, action-packed Class IV whitewater adventure down the Main Channel, or a gentler, Class III option down the Middle Channel that is ideally suited for the adventurous kayak angler.

The Middle Channel is a six-mile stretch of river that is interrupted by nine named rapids.

There are two Class IV rapids (easily portaged in a kayak) that prevent motorboats from accessing the…




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