VIDEO: MTI Redesigns Fishing Vests for Real Anglers

Photo by Ric Burnley
Two MTI life jackets

“Empty your pockets!” MTI designer Gordon Colby told fishing team members. He wanted to know what kayak anglers really carry in their PFD pockets. After a pile of pliers, leaders, tackle and gear appeared on the table, Colby went at designing a PFD with pockets that hold what kayak anglers most often carry. The result are newly redesigned Calcutta and Solaris F-Spec PFDs.

The F-Speck is a high-back PFD and the Calcutta is a one-size-fits-all model but both now have the same pocket and tab configuration. The left pocket lays flat to make a rigging station. The right pocket is big enough to hold a VHF or even a handgun. “We were surprised that anglers in Florida were excited about carrying a weapon to ward off alligators. With all the improvements, the price for each PFD is only $89.00.


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