First Look: Bixpy K-1 Motor And PP-768 Outboard Battery

The original auxiliary motor undergoes major upgrades to stay ahead of the race

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One of the coolest experiences at ICAST is meeting people I admire. When Houman Nikmanesh got tired of pedaling his kayak against the current and wind, he decided to invent a small motor that would carry him to the fishing grounds and back. At the time, Nikmanesh didn’t know a lot about motors or batteries, but he and a team of engineers went from problem to solution before anyone else caught on. After watching the rise of Bixpy and the new motors and gear on the horizon, I can’t help but admire Nikmanesh’s story.

First Look: Bixpy K-1 Motor and PP-768 Outboard Battery

The Bixpy jet motor is small enough to fit in your hand with the power to push a kayak for miles. This year, Bixpy released the new and improved K-1 motor with an aluminum body to resist corrosion and transfer heat for better motor performance. The new motor is also smaller than the original with the same power.

Bixpy K-1 motor and PP-768 Outboard Battery

To accommodate the motor on more boats, SUPs, rafts, kayaks, canoes and other watercraft, Nikmanesh has been busy developing new mounting options. He teased, “We’re coming up with a rod holder mount, but it is still in the works.”

Bixpy’s new PP-768 Outboard Battery is also making big news. The most powerful Bixpy battery will run the motor at full speed for two hours and up to 24 hours at trolling speed. The battery is housed in a waterproof, fade-resistant, dirt-resistant aluminum body. Using the Bluetooth remote, the battery gives the K-1 Bixpy 13 forward speeds and three reverse speeds with an extra Warp speed for quick accelerations. Using the Bixpy app, I can update the motor and monitor major functions.

Bixpy motor mounted on a fishing kayak at ICAST 2023

Since developing the Bixpy motor, Houman Nikmanesh has improved and refined the technology to the new K-1 and Outboard Battery. One thing I admire about Nikmanesh is he’s not done inventing.


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