Ric Burnley
Engel’s fishing SUP is super cool.

Engel is known for paddle-fishing friendly coolers and dry-boxes. Few anglers know that they also build a paddle-friendly SUPs. The Express 12.6 is a sturdy SUP with a racing hull for speed. The flared bow cuts through the water while the keeled hull keeps the boat straight and stable.

The SUP is built like a custom boat with internal stringers and a fiberglass and gelcoat skin. This allows Engel to build in features like a forward well perfect for a 13 quart dry box/cooler. Tabs and tie downs on the deck allow the angler to add accessories like rod holder or camera mount and a Engel drybox/cooler with rod holders and seat pad. The deck is covered with a non-slip, padded surface to keep the angler on the topside.


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