As the guy at my local paddle shop tells me, “This boat is the answer.” So, what’s the question? There are two questions actually: How much does it cost and how much does it weigh? Those are a customer’s most common questions and the Pescador Pro 120 from Perception Kayaks has the answers.

Perception Pescador
Pro 120 Specs
Length: 12’
Width: 32.5”
Weight: 64 lbs
Capacity: 375 lbs
MSRP: $829

Pescador Pro 120 is a Fleet Fishing Machine

At only 64 pounds with seat, the Pro 120 is lighter than almost every boat in its class. The weight savings come from a pared down hull that isn’t light on form or function.

Starting in the bow, Perception replaced the bow hatch with a gear well, perfect for throwing extra stuff or the day’s catch. The well scupper is oversized and leads to a recessed transducer port in the bottom of the boat.

A covered console in front of the cockpit can hold a small tackle box or a handful of gear. It’s also plumbed to run wires from a fishfinder/GPS display and battery. Perception installed premium foot pegs that don’t slip. Above the foot pegs, a pair of YakAttack GearTracs are set up for a rod holder or other accessories out of the paddle swing.

New and Improved Pescador Seat

The star of the show is Perception’s new stadium-style frame seat. To keep it light, the seat is made of stretchy mesh and aluminum tubing. It goes from high level to low level and back with a scooch of the butt. The simple system is secured with two bungees so the seat is easy to adjust or slip out for standup fishing.

Behind the seat, I found the pair of molded-in rod holders are really too shallow to hold fishing rods securely. Luckily, there is plenty of area to install flush mount or elevated rod holders.

Another tank well in the stern is criss-crossed with bungees and drained by scuppers. There’s even a five-inch deck hatch in the stern well that provides access to the inside of the kayak.

Pescador Hull Provides Standup Stability

The underside of the Perception Pescador Pro 120 is as impressive as the top. The hull is cut with long channels that improve tracking. A multi-chine hull profile provides solid secondary stability without reducing maneuverability. The boat paddles confidently and supports a standing angler with good balance.

And the Pescador is a looker. The boat comes in four snazzy color combinations complete with blaze orange accents and cool logos. All this for less than $900. Any more questions?


Q & A on the Perception Pescador 120 Pro

We asked you for your questions about the new Perception Pescador Pro 120 and here were the best of them. If you’re not following us on Facebook or Instagram you’re really missing out. Get behind-the-scenes action from us here at Kayak Angler, as well as posts about the latest gear boats and skills, and live updates from the biggest trade shows in the industry, like ICAST and Outdoor Retailer.

Q: “What is the size of the rear tankwell, and what is the biggest cooler/crate that you can fit inside it?”

The rear tankwell of the Pescador Pro 120 is roomy and spacious, you shouldn’t have any problem fitting any kayak fishing crate back there. If it doesn’t fit back there I don’t think you need it.

Q: “How many inches are there between the two rod holders behind the seat? I want to install a rail attachment there.”

Without getting the measuring tape out I’d say about 6–8 inches. I say get the boat on the water first though to make sure you want to mount gear track there. It might be tricky to access gear that’s right there, or the gear mounted there might get in the way of your paddling position.

Q: “How does it compare to the Wilderness Ride 115?”

When we tested the Wilderness Systems Ride 115X Max, we loved the boat’s simplicity and smart design. The Pescador Pro 120 is similar since the design is more minimalistic, but it has fewer of the high-end features included with the Ride. That’s probably because the Ride 115X Max costs about $600 more, so it’s hard to compare two boats of a different class. The Pescador Pro 120 does stack up surprisingly well though.

Q: “Do you offer any advice to make the seat a bit more comfortable?”

I don’t know what seat you’re sitting in, but we thought Perception’s new stadium-style frame seat was plenty comfortable. The stretchy mesh and aluminum tubing kept the design lightweight and made sure our backs didn’t sweat all day long. Plus, you have the option of using it in a high or a low position. We wouldn’t change a thing.

Video Review of the Perception Pescador Pro 120:

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