A few years ago, when Pelican’s Catch 120 was first released, it was love at first sight. Now, even though the new Catch 100 is two feet shorter, there is more to love about this new lightweight boat from Pelican.

Pelican Catch 100 Specs
Length: 10’
Width: 34”
Weight: 60 lbs
Max Capacity: 350 lbs
$649 (Catch 100)
$779 (Catch 100 NXT)

Pelican’s Catch 100 is Tougher Than Ever

Pelican’s famous thermoformed manufacturing process builds a lighter, tougher boat that remains stiff and strong. The 10-foot Catch 100 is even lighter than her big sister.

The new boat keeps the popular flat deck of the Catch 120 with little room sacrificed for a shorter water line. It also uses a modified tunnel hull that provides straight line tracking with solid stability.

On the water, the boat paddles well for a 10-footer. The pontoons keep the boat on course while the shorter waterline makes it easy to turn. One paddle stroke spins the boat 180 degrees. As if standing in the boat isn’t easy enough, they added a stand-assist strap to make it even easier.

Cool Colors and Functional Fittings

Upgrades include a new locking bow hatch and tough bow and stern handles that make it easy to move the boat. The foot rests are simple to adjust and stay in place and there is even a fish ruler on the deck. Flush mount rod holders behind the seat are perfect for transport or trolling.

man paddles the Pelican Catch 100 fishing kayak
Taking the Pelican Catch 100 for a test paddle. | Feature photo: Ric Burnley

One of my favorite things about the Pelican line is the cool color combinations, from bright yellows to muted oranges and greens.

I saved the best for last. Pelican redesigned their high-low seat to look cooler and feel more comfortable. The new ERGOCAST high-low seat combines mesh and foam for padding and breathability. The seat doesn’t sag in the middle while still providing plenty of support.

To move the seat, simply loosen a strap and lift the seat into the higher supports. Lower the seat and it sits flush with the deck for the best possible paddling position that is out of the wind. Integrated into the seat, a large pocket in the back will fit a tackle tray and smaller pockets on the seat are perfect for small fishing tools or a cell phone.

Check Out the Catch 100 NXT Model

Like the popular Pelican Catch 120, the new Catch 100 will also come in a Catch 100 NXT model that includes a selection of Scotty fishing accessories.

Taking the Pelican Catch 100 for a test paddle. | Feature photo: Ric Burnley



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