The first time I paddled the NuCanoe Pursuit back in 2014 I fished a prototype built out of foamcore and carbon-fiber skin. Company owner Blake Young brought the new design to Virginia Beach for show and tell. We met at Owl Creek and I paddled and fished while Young told me about the boat’s features.

NuCanoe Pursuit Specs
Length: 13’5”
Width: 35”
Weight: 82 lbs
Max Capacity: 550 lbs
MSRP: $1,599

Chasing Down the Pursuit

More recently, I picked up the Pursuit at Wild River Outfitters and found myself back on Owl Creek to test the final product—a rotomolded plastic version with all the promised features and more. For the Pursuit, Young stayed true to NuCanoe’s open, utilitarian, user-friendly roots while adding a performance-enhancing hull design.

At 13.5 feet long, the Pursuit is NuCanoe’s longest model. At 35 inches wide, it is also their sleekest boat. The added length and slimmed-down profile make the boat faster and more responsive. Tracking channels running down the underside and a pronounced skeg in the stern keep the boat moving straight. Primary stability keeps the angler upright even when standing on the seat, while rock-solid secondary stability absorbs chop and aids easy turning. Anglers looking to stand-and-fish will appreciate a boat that is both stable and maneuverable.

Man stands and fishes from the NuCanoe Pursuit
The NuCanoe Pursuit is designed for rock-solid standup fishing | Image: Ric Burnley/YouTube

Easily Customize Your Boat’s Configuration

It’s the topside of the Pursuit that deserves serious appreciation. Taking input from pro staff and owners, Young designed the deck for easy fishing. The Pursuit is low to the water with an open layout allowing it to fall in the SUP/sit-on-top hybrid category. The H2ProDrive pedal system also means the Pursuit can be powered by paddle, pedal or motor.

A sealed bow hatch provides access to the hull while a plastic insert turns that hatch into storage for lunch or the day’s catch. Freedom Tracks accept standard T-bar track adapters to comply with a long list of factory and aftermarket accessories.

My favorite detail is the horizontal rod holders. I can lay my rods flat to keep them out of the way or add four rods to my arsenal. Another cool feature is the crate space fore and aft. A molded space behind the seat holds a standard storage crate or 25-quart cooler. Another molded space in the bow will take a second crate or cooler allowing the angler to keep an icebox for his catch and a tackle system for his gear.

High-Low Seat is the Perfect Perch

The cherry on the sundae is the new multi-height seat. Young spent a year agonizing over the perfect seat for a fishing kayak. The result is a generously sized, high-low seat that provides support and airy comfort. The seat moves forward and back on the 54-inch Freedom Track in the deck. Raise it to its five-inch height and get a better view of the water and a more comfortable platform to sit or stand and fish. There is also a swivel seat option for 360-degree fishing.

Detail of the seat on the NuCanoe Pursuit fishing kayak
The Pursuit’s high-low seat can be easily repositioned at the drop of a pin. | Image: Ric Burnley/YouTube

NuCanoe’s Pursuit Leads the Pack

All the Pursuit’s features come together in a package that is easy to paddle and easy to fish. Keep it simple or rig the NuCanoe Pursuit to the max—this boat will fit the way you fish.

Video Review of the NuCanoe Pursuit:

Sit, stand, or SUP, the NuCanoe Pursuit is a serious platform for any type of fishing. | Feature photo: Kayak Kevin Whitley



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