First Look: Native TitanX 12.5 With Adam Milstead

Big boat is tournament ready with motor mounts in the bow and stern and the capacity and storage to handle the load

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At the Native Watercraft booth, it wasn’t hard to pick out former MMA fighter and Native Watercraft fishing team member Adam Milstead. Towering over the crowd with wide shoulders and a flattened nose, Adam spotted me from across the booth and came at me with his hand out for a hearty shake. “We’ve got a boat that is going to be a winner,” he said and pointed to the new Native TitanX 12.5.

First Look: Native TitanX 12.5

Adam took me on a tour of a fully blinged-out tournament machine with a MotorGuide trolling motor on the bow, a Torqeedo on the stern, two huge fish finder displays and a Propel 701 pedal system.

The huge boat is almost 13 feet long and 40 inches wide with a capacity of 500 pounds. The fitted hull weight wasn’t listed, but a boat this size is going to be more manageable with a trailer and full-size cart.

Detail of the Native Watercraft TitanX 12.5 stern with motor and stakeout poles at ICAST 2023

The new Titan X is pre-rigged for competitive tournament fishing with motor and anchor system mounts on the bow and stern that still allow you to access the large hatches and carry handles. Below the deck, the Titan is plumbed to run power to the motors and anchor system. It also has wiring for navigation and deck lights with a control panel mounted next to the seat.

Detail of the Native Watercraft TitanX 12.5 pedal drive and dual fish finder displays at ICAST 2023

Speaking of the seat, Native developed a new 360-degree swivel seat for the TitanX. Native is known for their comfortable frame seat, and the new throne is held to the highest standard. Adam says, “I didn’t think I would use the swivel seat, but I usually fish off the left side of the boat and I can angle the seat to face my target.” He adds that the seat makes it easier to reach the tank well and rear rod holders. I liked the solid locking mechanism that holds the seat in one direction.

The rest of the cockpit is outfitted with every option for customizing the layout. In the front of the cockpit, there is a bracket to accommodate two full-size fish finder displays. A pull-out accessory tray under the seat holds lures and gear for quick access. The gunnels are lined with gear tracks for unlimited customization.

As an open-water fisherman, Adam’s favorite new feature is deep channels running down each side of the bow. “When a wave crashes over the bow, the channels direct the water away from the cockpit.”

With all the motors, Adam says he still values the Propel pedal system for tournaments that ban motors. Coupled with the integrated rudder and new hull design, the TitanX is still competitive under human power.

After spending years as a professional athlete, Adam Milstead was visibly excited about the advantage the TitanX will give him on the tournament trail. Talking with Adam about his plans for the other tournament competitors, I couldn’t imagine facing him on the water or in the octagon.


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