First Look: Jackson Kraken Pro and Skipper

Jackson Kayaks has a kayak for everyone and now they have a kayak for kids, too. The new Skipper has a nine-foot long and 28-inches wide with a light, stable design that is easy to handle. The flat floor begs for stand-up fishing and a down-sized seat offers comfort for all-day fishing.

Jackson added a line-cutter to the seat to keep sharp objects out of small hands. They even threw in a mini fishgrip to keep small fingers away from sharp fish teeth. The front day hatch is a perfect place to store gear without flooding the kayak. The fun-sized boat comes with a price tag around $1000.

Jackson Skipper

For grown-up anglers, Jackson is now offering Pro and Elite model kayaks prerigged for instant action. We took a look at the Kraken Pro that comes rigged with Raymarine Dragonfly, Buck Splizzors, Nocqua power system, Kraken Krate plumbed for a live well as well as Plano and RAM accessories with gear tracks galore! Now an angler can leave the outfitter ready to fish.


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