Old Town is celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of its most popular designs, the Loon 126 Angler, with fishing-friendly redesign unveiled at the 2015 ICAST sport-fishing tradeshow.

Anglers and paddlers love the Loon’s hardy, utilitarian base for fishing, paddling and family fun. Now, the boat is upgraded to be even easier to use.

First, Old Town added a click-seal hatch in the stern of the kayak to hold a day’s worth of fishing tackle or an afternoon picnic.

a view of Old Town Loon 126 Angler
The coolest feature is the new Work Deck—a removable console clips into the cockpit flare.

The Loon has been outfitted with their popular and comfy ACS2 seat that combines cushy mesh padding and firm lumbar and thigh support and can be adjusted forward and back to balance the kayak.

The coolest feature is the new Work Deck. This removable console clips into the cockpit flare so it can be added or subtracted in seconds. The Work Deck features cubbies, bungees and a small gear track.

A center hatch is large enough to house tackle boxes or electronics. A USB port on the outside of the Work Deck can be connected to a portable battery to power a phone or music player.

The boat also comes in cool camo color combinations that make the Loon stick out from the crowd and blend in to the outdoors. At 46 pounds and 11 feet long, the Loon is easy to transport, store and carry. Rugged design and construction make the Loon easy to love.



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