One of our favorite anglers, Dale Stroschein, the Wacky Walleye guide from Wisconsin, is passionate about fishing and fishing gear. His new favorite tackle storage system is Plano’s innovative Edge Stowaways.

The new boxes take Plano’s famous tackle trays to a new level. First, the boxes are watertight and float. Then, the trays fight rust in three ways.

The sealed boxes keep water out, the trays are made of Rustrictor vapor rust barrier that evaporates to coat metal with a rust inhibitor. And, they included a cavity with a reusable desiccant to absorb water.

The polycarbonate lids are crystal clear to see inside and erasable and the boxes can stand up to 200 pounds of pressure.

Our favorite feature is the single-hand latch allowing one-handed opening. The Edge Stowaway comes in 10 sizes from $19.99 to $49.99.


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