Big fish and blue water – Fishing the Ionian Sea.

Italian tuna picture

I live in southern Italy, specifically in Calabria where you can go kayaking fishing almost all year round.

Most of the fishermen kayak fish only in the warm months, but I cannot sit for very long with my feet on the ground. In the winter I dedicate my efforts at sea bass by spinning or trolling with live bait in search of dentex and groupers.

In spring, bluefin tuna approach, so I dedicate most of my fishing to looking for them, even if I have to travel many miles to reach them. I wait a whole year for the arrival of this period; the bluefin tuna is the most powerful and most aggressive fish that will be experienced in the Italian seas, the dream of every angler. Unfortunately, they only stay close to the shore for a short time, little more than a month, so the right time to catch them with the kayak is over quickly.

After the bluefin leave, I start fishing for smaller and less stressful fish. I target insidious dentex and snappers with light jigs and trolling with live bait, or targeting smaller species of tuna that approach shore. Big amberjack arrive with the warm summer water. I try for them by trolling with live bait. My fishing is mainly addressed to big predators. I am always waiting for the best time to try to start the fight with the big fish!

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