Photo: Courtesy Jackson Kayaks
Jackson Kayak’s new Kilroy features easy access fishing.

The Kilroy was a full team effort with design leaders Tony Lee, Joe Walton, Damon Bungard, Drew Gregory and others on the JK fishing team all collaborating to make the ultimate fishing craft.  The Kilroy caters to all fishing styles, but includes notable improvement for fly fisherman with a large, open deck where no line can be snagged and lots of stable floor-room for standing.

Jackson Kayak Kilroy is a versatile fishing machine

Tackle box storage is conveniently handled by extensive bungee systems throughout the open deck and the storage of hooks, poles are stored in a dry side tube system and fish handling gear is aided by a new hard deck cover laden with storage points and mount points for position either at the front or back of the kayak.

Sit Insides Are Back

“Sit-on-tops aren’t the only option anymore.” Notes Jackson’s Product Manager, Damon Bungard. “The Kilroy brings together all of Jackson Kayak’s great fishing innovations, plus a few new ones, in a sit-inside fishing kayak package. The Kilroy features include incredible stability, a unique floor system, hi-lo seating, balanced hull performance for a wide variety of conditions, unique rod and tackle storage and organization, and an interchangeable deck system. Easily customizable for fishing, hunting, photography, or just a comfortable paddle with the dog or kids, the Kilroy does it all in a package that is distinctly Jackson Kayak.”

“The sit-inside hybrid style of fishing kayaks have been popular among many anglers over the past several years.” States Drew Gregory, JK Fishing guru, “However, until the introduction of the Kilroy there has been little innovation to really shake up this genre. Simply put, the Kilroy gives anglers the best of what our sit-on-tops offer in  a in a sit-inside hybrid style which allows anglers to capitalize on the advantages of both!”

Watch a Walkthrough of the New Jackson Kayak Kilroy



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