The growth season for Southern fisheries is nearly all year long, so fish are going to be big. Photos: Courtesy Christina Weber
The growth season for Southern fisheries is nearly all year long, so fish are going to be big.

Tournaments are more and more becoming the lifeblood of our sport, bringing together anglers all for a common goal of catching the biggest fish and claiming the top prize. All around the country new events are popping up left and right and there are a handful of older events that have become a tradition. We’ve gathered a handful of events that you should be fishing this year for every region in the country. Check out these Southern events now and don’t forget to sign up early so you have plenty of time to start training!

1. Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournaments Battle In The Bahamas

April 7th-10th

$930 – $1300

I shouldn’t have to go any further than to say it’s a kayak tournament in the Bahamas to prove you it’s worth your energy. The Battle in the Bahamas allows you to fish the water column to your strength. You can fish the bottom, you can flatline you can even drop a little candy mid depth and all of us have a chance to be crowned, plus who doesn’t like to fish for $10k in prizes? The fishery is full and the experience is heart pounding and the people are amazing. You really couldn’t ask for a better environment to challenge yourself in.

Registration is already closed for the 2016 Battle In The Bahamas, but check it out for next year’s event!

The Battle in The Bahamas will let you target big game species like sailfish from your kayak.

2. Hobie Bass Open

June 3rd – 5th


I have this burning flame that’s ever so bright and relentless towards the Hobie Worlds. I will get myself there if it kills me, but first I have to qualify. The Hobie Bass Open is a primo event on a lake that produces so many different species it’s unbelievable, and it’s a Hobie Worlds qualifier.

You don’t have to own or fish from a Hobie to participate, you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to be anything but someone who wants to go out and fish a tournament. Kentucky Lake is super kayak friendly with plenty of launch spots and the tournament is run by professionals. There’s a lot on the line at this event, you should expect to see the best of the best on the water.

Click here to sign up for the event now!

3. Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

March 19th-20th


Most of us know this event as the Bassmaster Classic of kayak fishing, which in a sense it truly is. Throughout the year we all have the opportunity to qualify through multiple tournaments hosted. I know this is an event that I don’t want to miss just for the simple fact of challenge myself against dudes that go out and crush it year-round. I’m stoked to experience Kentucky Lake in March with our industry’s top bass fisherman.

The 2016 KBF Championship awarded over $35,000 to the winner. Find out how to qualify for next year’s event.


Kentucky Lake is a great spot for experts or anglers just starting to fish in tournaments.

This article is part three in a series covering the coolest tournaments around the country. Click here to read part two, New England tournaments. 


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