Hawaii means many things to many people. Nick Wakida’s homeland of Maui is tied to community and his community is part of a larger family. Nick doesn’t have the big boats and expensive gear to do the legendary deep-sea fishing the islands are known for, but his can-do attitude and a sea kayak enables him to fish these waters. Fishing for Nick is about more than reeling in the big ones. It’s about tapping the cultural and spiritual history and sharing his bounty with family and community.

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You give a kid a fish you feed his family. You teach a kid to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime.

It’s clear blue skies or whatever, it’s addicting.

Something about going out, kind of you and Mother Nature one on one.

Everybody kind of has a responsibility to this beautiful place that we live in.

Community here in Hawaii is kind of just an extended family.

You have your kayak, your poles, your rods, and you can catch some fish like that and bring it home to the family. It’s kind of an overwhelming kind of satisfaction.

Watch the full film, from Grundéns, on the Kayak Angler YouTube channel.



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