Lightweight, filled with high end carbon fiber, titanium and magnesium components and pretty enough to be featured on a glossy wall poster. You may think we’re talking about the latest supercar, but this is the Patriarch XT, a top-of-the-line spinning reel from Pflueger. This reel has remained popular with anglers for its high-end design and paltry weight. And like a vintage supercar, you might want to snap up the Pflueger Patriarch XT if you can track one down.

Patriarch XT—Not to Be Taken Lightly

Pflueger Patriarch XT spinning reel
The Pflueger Patriarch XT spinning reel sports as many high-end features as a supercar. | Feature image: Courtesy of Pflueger

Since it was released, anglers have touted the Patriarch XT as one of the lightest high-performance spinning reels around. Pflueger’s designers took every opportunity to remove material from their weightier Patriarch reel and replace it with strong, lightweight alternatives. As a result, the 30-size reel weighs only 6.1 ounces.

The Pflueger Patriarch XT is also designed to be smooth—like Rico Suave smooth—thanks to its ten corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings.

Even better, the Patriarch XT can capably perform double duty as a freshwater and inshore setup. A sealed drag system means you can take this reel out in saltwater and it will still outperform others. We like that kind of versatility, making the $249 price tag much more palatable.

High-End Materials Provide Extra Strength

Like most consumer goods, you get what you pay for in a spinning reel. With the Patriarch XT, that higher price comes from the quality components used, like a fully carbon spool, titanium main shaft and a carbon handle—which is 21 percent lighter than aluminum—with an EVA foam grip.

Pflueger Patriarch XT spinning reel
Skeletonized spool makes the Patriarch XT lighter than ever. | Image: Courtesy of Pflueger

That supercar look is even more apparent in the Patriarch XT’s skeletonized spool, a feature that looks so badass everyone should be doing it. The spool design isn’t for looks alone, however. The skeletonized construction accounts for much of the weight savings that make the reel so much lighter than its counterparts. The Patriarch XT still retains high-performance strength because it is built from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Take Pflueger’s Patriarch XT for a Spin

Kids everywhere should start ripping down their car posters and putting up photos of the Pflueger Patriarch XT. But like a vintage supercar, the Patriarch XT remains popular on internet forums and message boards despite no longer being available in stores.

If you manage to track down one of these sought-after reels in good condition you might want to pull the trigger. We have a box of vintage Pflueger reels, cared for and admired like a rare, fine wine, and they still fish as well as they did when they were released.

The Pflueger Patriarch XT spinning reel sports as many high-end features as a supercar. | Feature image: Courtesy of Pflueger



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