The new Hopper 40 from Yeti Coolers adds a little more room to their popular soft-sided cooler. Photos: Courtesy Yeti Coolers
The new Hopper 40 from Yeti Coolers adds a little more room to their popular soft-sided cooler.

Hopper 40

Yeti’s popular Hopper series gets another size option for 2016, now fitting up to 36 cans (with a 2:1 ice to can ratio) or 40lbs of ice (just ice). I tested the Hopper 30 a while back and I was blown away with not only the ice retention, but also the amount that I could cram into the cooler. (Read the full review to see how much I could fit).

With a larger capacity, now you can carry all of the ice, food and drinks for your whole fishing group for the whole weekend. All of this in a “you-can’t-call-it-soft” soft cooler package that is easier to stuff into a kayak or store in the back of your crammed truck. A truly remarkable zipper locks in the water for a leakproof seal that keeps water and ice in, without getting you or your gear all wet.

Rambler Series Bottles

At first I resisted, on buying a pricey cup, but then I pulled the trigger one of Yeti’s Rambler series Tumbler and I’ve never regretted it. These things are awesome. Now for 2016 Yeti has announced three new pieces in the Rambler series, the Bottle, available in three sizes: 18oz, 36oz, and 64oz. As much as I love my Tumbler, being able to seal off my coffee or iced tea for the day and throw it in a backpack or hatch is truly a game changer. The fact that I could stuff enough cold (or hot) drinks for a whole weekend in the largest size sounds even better.

The Yeti Rambler Bottle combines the Rambler's function in a sealable bottle.

Tundra 350

I only put this here because I’m impressed, not because I think kayak fishermen could ever use this cooler. Unless of course they wanted to fish from it. This gigantic $1,299.99 cooler can hold 222 cans of beer (with a 2:1 ice to beer ratio) or 329lbs of ice (just ice). Lets think about that for a minute. Even if you were with your three best drinking buddies, that’d probably take you a month to get through all that beer. Luckily, your ice would probably still be cold.

Obviously this cooler is designed for big outfitters, big events, BIG productions where money and people are floating around. Still, it’s tempting to try and see how long 222 beers would last. If anyone picks one of these coolers up, throws a party and doesn’t invite me, I’ll crash it.

Yeti Tundra 350 is large enough to fill with enough drinks for the entire marina.

All three of these products will be available Spring, 2016. For more information about Yeti Coolers, or their newest products, check out their website,


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