NRS Boundary Boot, Skeleton and Forecast Gloves

NRS has been outfitting adventure anglers since the dawn of kayak fishing. Their new Skeleton and Forecast gloves and redesigned Boundary boot continue their commitment to anglers who go the distance for the big catch.

The Skeleton glove is designed for hot weather and heavy paddling. The padded palm is reinforced for long days on the paddle. Extended index and middle fingers protect when casting a spinning rod. A longer wrist prevents the sun’s harmful rays from sneaking in between long sleeves and the glove.

For winter anglers, NRS added the Forecast glove made of two-millimeter neoprene with fold-back index and middle fingers for tying knots and removing hooks.

The Forecast glove would be an appropriate complement for the redesigned Boundary boot. A long-time favorite of cold-water paddlers, NRS replaced the toe strap with bungees that tuck into a special pocket so they won’t snag lines. They beefed up the tread to cover slippery rocks, rocky bottom, snow or ice.


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