Photo: Kayak Kevin Whitley

I’ve been looking for a standup paddleboard that I can carry across the dunes for quick trips to the other side of the breakers. Spanish mackerel and bluefish hunt the backside of the surf line and a SUP is perfect for overland hauls and a short sprint. To qualify, a board has to be light enough to throw under my arm, quick enough to shoot through the surf and seaworthy in current and chop.

Boardworks’ new Tracker SUP is the perfect answer. At only 43 pounds, it features a beefy handle in the middle of the deck to make it even easier to carry to the water. I don’t hang out at Muscle Beach, yet I was able to lug my board, rod, paddle and bag of tackle to the launch in one trip. Try that with another 11-foot-by-36-inch hard board.

The Tracker really shined on the water. Long enough to glide easily and very stable at 36 inches wide, the Tracker had no problem skipping over the waves, then stopping to fish. The flared nose rises over waves and a broad tail improves stability. A unique double-concave bottom and a single touring fin further increase stability and tracking. Best of all, it is low to the water for less wind resistance. If Lamborghini made…



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