Itypically target backwater largemouth and skinny-water striped bass, so I’m looking for a boat that can go shallow and go the distance. Lucky for me, Wilderness Systems’ ATAK 140 (Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak) is ready for battle against the toughest conditions.

Wilderness Systems
ATAK 140 Specs
Length: 14’1”
Width: 34”
Deck Height: 15.5”
Weight: 95 lbs
Capacity: 550 lbs
MSRP: $1,649 USD / $2,109 CAD

Wilderness Systems Goes on the ATAK

The ATAK 140 is wide-bodied for standing securely and fishing all day. In fact, it’s so stable that I could walk from bow to stern and turn around to cast in every direction. Foam traction pads kept my feet feeling fine, even after standing for hours.

The low deck is angled like a stealth fighter, making it easier to paddle in the wind. The hull looks like a catamaran with a center keel. Wilderness calls it “Smarter Stability,” allowing the boat to react to edging inputs and absorb waves while remaining stable.

The keel keeps the ATAK on course, too. I paddled across the wind, going for broke, and the boat tracked straight and true. When it came time to turn, tilting my hips to get the boat on edge let me spin on a dime.

man casts from a Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 fishing kayak
Advanced design will react to edging and absorb waves while remaining stable for standup fishing. | Photo: Courtesy of Wilderness Systems

Includes Adventure-Ready Outfitting

The AirPro Max seat drains water and can slide fore or aft to balance the boat. The webbed seat can also be raised for extra elevation and lowered for low-profile paddling. I could switch positions in seconds, and remove it completely to stand and cast from the center of the boat.

A rectangular hatch in the stern provides access to the hull with room to store rods or camping gear. A huge covered cargo area in the bow held my rain gear, lunch, extra clothes and a first aid kit with room to spare.

The FlexPod OS removable utility pod is great for quickly installing my fish finder. A covered utility tray keeps essential tools and favorite lures close at hand and out from under foot.

Take The Fight to the Fish with ATAK 140

Wilderness Systems’ ATAK 140 is a blank canvas ready for any angler’s imagination. With plenty of other cool accessories available for the ATAK, this innovative platform will serve anglers well for years to come.

Video Review of the Wilderness Systems ATAK 140:

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Wilderness Systems’ ATAK 140 is a blank canvas ready for any angler’s imagination. | Feature photo: Courtesy of Wilderness Systems



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