Coming out of nowhere, the Wahoo 12.5 from Kaku Kayaks can sneak up on the spookiest fish. This flats fishing dream machine is the standup angler’s answer to the cross between a kayak and a standup paddleboard.

Kaku Kayaks
Wahoo 12.5 Specs
Length: 12’5”
Width: 33”
Weight: 74 lbs
Capacity: 400 lbs
MSRP: $999

Kaku’s Wahoo Mixes Kayak and SUP

Start with the kayak part. The Kaku Wahoo is 12.5 feet long; long enough to track straight but short enough to turn into tight places. It also comes in a 10.5-foot-long compact model.

The topside is all kayak. Starting with a latching bow hatch, the gunnels host four gear tracks, two in front of the cockpit and two behind the seat. An aluminum frame seat with mesh back and seat is easy to sit on and stand from. The seat can also be removed and used as a camp chair. Or remove it for more standing room in the cockpit.

man stands up and fishes from the Kaku Kayaks Wahoo 12.5 hybrid fishing boat
Wa-who? This boat fits somewhere between kayak and SUP. | Feature photo: Courtesy of Kaku Kayaks

Behind the seat, two flush mount rod holders work for trolling or transporting the rods. A handy day hatch behind the seat gives access to the hull and provides more storage. The tankwell comes standard criss-crossed with bungees to hold down a crate or cooler. It’s large enough to fit a crate or a mid-sized cooler with room to spare.

Fish Friendly Features
  • Aluminum frame seat
  • Flush mount rod holders
  • Power-Pole ready
  • Footpegs
  • Bow hatch
  • Day hatch
  • Gear tracks

Ready for a Stakeout

One of the coolest features, the stern is designed to easily accept a rudder or a Power-Pole Micro. Coupling the Wahoo with an automatic stakeout pole makes it easy to stop and go. Push a button, and the anchor pole drops and sticks into the bottom to instantly stop the kayak, or SUP, whatever. Push the button again, and the pole retracts so the boat can continue to drift. Leave the pole dragging on the bottom to slow drift and keep the bow facing downwind. This is a great tactic for working a bank or crossing a flat hands-free.

SUP Stability

Now, for the SUP part. The bottomside of the Wahoo is broad and relatively flat. A long center keel and channelled hull keep the boat paddling straight, especially while standing. The bow and stern offer a sharp entry and exit to improve efficiency and tracking. A 33-inch beam makes the boat rock solid. The Wahoo sits high off the water; add a poling platform or cooler and you’ve got an excellent vantage into the water.

The Wahoo’s flat, open deck is only interrupted by ridges for traction and foot pegs for paddling. The cockpit is wide and flat enough to load with a standing platform.


  • Aluminum frame seat
  • Flushmount rod holders
  • Power-Pole ready
  • Footpegs
  • Bow hatch
  • Day hatch
  • Gear tracks

Wahoo 12.5 is a Standout Standup Boat

If you’re looking for a super stable boat that paddles like a kayak and fishes like a SUP, check out the Wahoo from Kaku Kayaks.

This article was first published in the Winter 2016 issue of
Kayak Angler Magazine.
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